Passive Investing Is Dead … Long Live Evidence-Based Investing

Evidence-Based Investing
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It’s official. After more than a year of hinting around, I’m ready to say it: I NO LONGER RECOMMEND PASSIVE INVESTING. Allow me to clarify. I remain 110% convinced that it remains your duty and privilege as a fiduciary advisor to help investors understand and apply the same investment principles that have long guided them past Wall Street’s freak shows, onward to their main events. But like it or not, the term, “passive investing” is no longer the best term for describing your continued calling. Henceforth, I’m recommending “evidence-based investing” as the new term for the same cause.

I say “like it or not,” because I’m sorry that the terminology has changed. I’m sorry for at least a couple of reasons. Continue reading “Passive Investing Is Dead … Long Live Evidence-Based Investing”