Matt Hall’s “Odds On” — Turning an Investor Chump Into an Evidence-Based Investment Champ

Matt Hall, Odds On Author“How did you find evidence-based investing?”

This is a question I often ask advisors. The answer usually involves a journey that begins with a broken brokerage-house gig before the fiduciary-minded find their financial footing in a finer place.

You’re probably all too familiar with such stories. Still, it can be challenging to share them with investors who struggle to understand the essential difference between financial business as usual, versus what YOU have to offer.

Fortunately, evidence-based advisor, and now author Matt Hall has just provided a new book to help you share this critical message. Due for release in early April, “Odds On: The Making of an Evidence-Based Investor” relates Matt’s journey from stock-picking chump to evidence-based investment champion. Your own tale may vary, but once investors hear it, it’s usually only a matter of time before those who understand what it can mean to them want to know how they can join our ranks.

Matt’s book can cue up that conversation for you. Or, if you’ve always wanted to successfully publish material about your own experiences, he offers some first-hand advice in our Q&A below. Enjoy.

Your new book, “Odds On: The Making of an Evidence-Based Investor” is about to hit the newsstand. What inspired you to write it?

It’s absurd how excited I am about it coming out April 12th! The feedback from the early reader group has blown me away and gets to the heart of why I did this – I want the message of our approach to stick! Remember the book Made to Stick by the Heath brothers? I’ve been haunted for years by the fact that not everyone embraces an evidence-based investment approach. In my experience many people give up on reading about how to improve their financial lives because of the wonky technical jargon. The question I knew I could answer – Can we bury the technical inside of stories? – allows the essential investment message to get through to a bigger audience.

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