Why “Google My Business” Is Critical To Grow Your Business

Happy Cyber Monday, my friends! Discounts, schmiscounts. Let’s talk about value-added ideas that will cost you nothing at all. Today, I’ve joined forces with Larry Goldstick of Capture Digital Marketing. In his guest post, he shares his excellent insights on what “Google My Business” can do for you (and leaves me hungry for some pizza). Take it away, Larry … 

Why “Google My Business” Is Critical To Grow Your Business

By Larry Goldstick, Capture Digital Marketing

Claim Your Business for Free

Google My Business is free to verified businesses. Using this tool increases your chances of showing up in Google’s Local Pack. Local Pack is a query tool that displays the top 3 most relevant businesses based on the users’ search criteria. Details about the business are shown with a ‘pin drop’ location on Google Maps. Establishing a Google My Business account also increases ranking on Local Finder and Google Maps. Gather the necessary details first and then claim your business at Google My Business.

Essential for SEO

SEO or search engine optimization affects the ranking of a website via a search engine. Think about the last time you used Google to search for ‘pizza near me’. Keeping your Google listing up to date, adding photos and getting and responding to reviews influences the ranking level of local pizza restaurants in your area. Google shows 10 results per page, so if your restaurant is ranked 13, chances are the order for a Deep Dish Supreme is going to be given to a competitor.

Success Is in the Details

The secret is in the details when setting up Google My Business. From the legal business name, address, and telephone number, to hours of operation and a website link, the more details you provide the easier for potential customers to locate you. Consistency is key. If you spell out “Avenue” on your website, spell it out on Google My Business. Accuracy in information helps with Geo location apps and will increase your organic ranking. A telephone number viewed in a mobile format is ‘clickable’ to a direct dial. The idea is to get your new customer to order the pizza at the time they are thinking about it.

Regular Activity

Is your business closed on Thanksgiving? Updating your profile regularly is important for SEO and for Google ranking. It also demonstrates active involvement and a commitment to your business. Update to reflect holiday closures or changes in hours. Post at least once per week to stay engaged with your audience and to influence Google’s SEO algorithm. Communicate with business highlights, create visual appeal with photos and videos, and build authority with custom written or industry-relevant articles. Remember video can deliver product benefits in just 30-seconds; ideal for a time-crunched society.

In the event, you are unsure of what details are needed or you simply do not have the time to manage it, Capture Digital Marketing can act as your representative. We’ll focus on generating interest and action, so you can focus on strategy and execution.

You’ve dreamt about your business. You’ve invested the sweat equity, the time, the passion, and the money. Build customer relationships that last long-term. Experience success by implementing a strategic marketing plan to achieve your goals. Google My Business is one step in a portfolio of options that can influence that hungry pizza lover to call you.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Larry Goldstick is the owner of Capture Digital Marketing based in Jupiter, Florida.  

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