New Year, New(ish) Content-Sharing Library

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Good news! This April, the Content-Sharing Library will be five years old. We’re just under 140 worldwide subscribers, with approximately 140 pieces available for download … and growing. Here’s a quick take on some recent updates I’ve made to celebrate and liven up the Library. (ALSO, don’t miss the UPDATED CONTENT announcement bundled into this post.)

Preview the Library Before You Join

Non-members can now preview the Library before subscribing. In preview mode, you’ll be able to browse everything that’s available for members to download. Click on Free Samples, to see how the download process works. When you’re ready to gain full access to the Library, Become a Member, and you’re on your way.

NEW: Updated Material from the Archives

Some of the material in the Library is now several years old, and yet still useful. To make best use of still-relevant material, I’ll be refreshing and re-releasing key content in updated form. You’ll find these updated materials featured in a new category, UPDATED Content.

To launch this initiative, I’ve just loaded an updated version of “The Vital Role of Rebalancing.” Originally released in June 2013, it’s still a timely discussion today.

Easier Access After You Join

Library members can now download content straight from “new content” email announcements or blog posts:

  • If you’re already logged into the Library, clicking on an email or blog post link (like this updated “Vital Role of Rebalancing” link) – will instantly download the referenced content.
  • If you’re not yet logged in when you click on a new content link, you’ll be prompted to log in, and then the material will immediately download.

When viewing the Library, members can now also click on the title of the content to download a single piece, or check multiple selection boxes to download several pieces at once.

More Good Content to Come

It’s been a fun ride so far building the Content-Sharing Library. I look forward to adding new materials and continued updates for many more years to come!

IT’S ALIVE! (The Most Awesome Evidence-Based Infographic Ever)

A Wendy’s Wednesday Whimsy

Hey, remember about a month ago, when I teased you with a nearly ready – and free – Evidence-Based Investment infographic/poster Mineral and I were putting together for you? Today, we are delighted to announce actual availability.

Order It!

There’s additional information to be had by clicking on “Order It!” But to summarize a few key points:

  • You can order a high-resolution, print-ready version of the infographic/poster for free.
  • Mineral will even add your logo and disclaimers before sending it your way (allow a week or so for delivery).
  • The default primary color is blue, or you can request a different primary color to complement your branding.
  • If you’d like a printed version of the same, you can order that too. $30 USD to cover costs will score you a big, beautiful 24″x 36″ poster size to display proudly on your office wall ($10 USD more if shipping internationally).

Suggested Use

You know evidence-based investing can dramatically improve investors’ expected outcomes. But it can be hard to convince your clients and prospects of that, especially when the markets are acting up. Our clear infographic (with your branding added) will help you explain why you do, what you do, with a simple comparison between evidence-based and traditional active investing.

What’s the Catch?

Seriously, there is none. I’m as passionate about the benefits of evidence-based investing as you are, and I wanted to do my bit to help. If you’d like to stay in touch with me or Mineral, there will be check-boxes you can click to start (or keep) receiving ongoing news from us. But that’s entirely optional. (You can also sign up for my Content-Sharing Library to keep receiving more goodies at reasonable rates.)

Breaking News: Your Blogging Life Just Got Easier

You know it’s good for you and your community: blogging. Especially if it’s good stuff, accessible and informative, without sucking away too much of your client-service face time.

What would you say to a new service to help you achieve just that? Consider it done!

It all started when husband/wife team Jud and Kim Mackrill of Mineral reached out to me recently with an intriguing idea. Here’s the overview: Continue reading “Breaking News: Your Blogging Life Just Got Easier”

A Hat-Tip to Stuart Zimmerman: “Every 100 Documents Count!”

Stuart Visits Us in Oregon - Oct. 2014
Stuart Visits Me in Oregon – Oct. 2014

Wendy’s Wednesday Whimsy:
“Every 100 Documents Count!”

Read on for a nifty Content-Sharing Library discount offer.

Back when I was director of communications at an energetic young financial firm, I was privileged to work alongside one of its co-founders, Stuart Zimmerman. Others at this relatively small start-up firm may have had it over Stuart on nitty-gritty number-crunching skills, but nobody could beat him on cheerleading optimism. His “the best is yet to come!” enthusiasm was a virulent contagion; few were immune.

Stuart started our “Good News Friday,” for example, where we swapped tales of good deeds that had happened that week, whether it was launching a major new service or helping a family finally get its portfolio on the right track.

One of my favorite “Stuart-isms” is: “Hey, every [number] counts!” At first, the number would be modest. By the time I left The BAM ALLIANCE toward the end of 2008, that number had increased exponentially. But it wasn’t about size. Every client and every dollar entrusted to us did indeed count. This is a lesson I learned from Stuart and the rest of my BAM compatriots – and brought to my own little business.

101 Documents

This is why I am delighted to celebrate last week’s publication of the 100th document in my Content-Sharing Library. Continue reading “A Hat-Tip to Stuart Zimmerman: “Every 100 Documents Count!””

Open for Business: The New WJCC Content-Sharing Library

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blogging to share some exciting news. The Wendy J. Cook Communications (WJCC) Content-Sharing Library has now moved to a new platform and is open for business, sporting a number of improvements on the previous version.

In a testament to the fact that it is possible to teach older dogs a few new tricks, I’ve created a short video — my first ever! — to offer a guided tour of what to expect in the new Library. This should come in handy for current members as well as those of you who would like to preview what you can expect when you join. Plus, I am having a good hair day; for that alone it’s worth viewing.

For those who prefer to read, here’s more information about the WJCC Content-Sharing Library, including an overview and a summary of its newest features.

What is the Content-Sharing Library, anyway?

The WJCC Content-Sharing Library provides evidence-based investment advisers like you with timeless and time-sensitive materials to help you inform your clients and prospects or respond to their questions. Content is provided in MS Word format, for you to use as is or edit to suit your needs. Continue reading “Open for Business: The New WJCC Content-Sharing Library”

A Fifteen-Year Reflection on “Passive” Investing

Wendy on Goldwing

Congratulations to me! Today, I celebrate five and 15 years of helping passively minded, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor firms with their varied communications. It’s been 15 years since I joined Buckingham Asset Management/BAM Advisor Services as Director of Communications in January 1998. After a wonderful run there, I and my motorcycle-riding husband spun away to the open roads of Oregon, bidding a fond farewell to BAM. On January 5, 2009, exactly five years ago today, I received my own articles of organization, and Wendy J. Cook Communications, LLC became an official, tax-paying entity.

However you count it, it’s been the best ride of my life (not counting some of the ones I’ve enjoyed on the back of our Honda Goldwing, at right). To celebrate, I thought I’d share some reflections on the evolution of passive investing through the years. Even what we call what we do is evolving as I type. But that’s what makes it so much fun, right? Continue reading “A Fifteen-Year Reflection on “Passive” Investing”