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The Wendy J. Cook Communications Content-Sharing Library provides evidence-based investment advisers like you with timeless and time-sensitive materials to help you inform your clients and prospects or respond to their questions. Content is provided in MS Word format, for you to use as is or edit to suit your needs. Here are detailed terms of use in our license agreement.

What can I expect to find in the Library?

When you become an annual member, you’ll receive full access to all existing and newly added materials. Expect approximately two new pieces each month, or a minimum of 24 pieces annually. The tone is conversational, presenting evidence-based investing and related concepts in terms a typical investor can understand and embrace in:

  1. Timely informational pieces, such as quarterly client letters and responses to significant breaking news, to help investors place current events into the context of a long-term, cost-effective, evidence-based strategy.
  2. Timeless educational pieces to help you add value as an adviser on subjects ranging from portfolio rebalancing to understanding market climates to planning for family wealth transitions.

How should I use the Library?

Most of the materials are best suited for sharing directly with groups or individuals in print, electronic or video format. Typical uses include e-newsletters, direct postal or electronic mailings, supporting handouts (articles, brochures, white papers, etc.), video scripts, and similar purposes.

If you’re planning to use the content in a blog or web-based public forum where it’s especially important for your content to be distinct, we recommend extensively customizing it or linking to the material as a PDF handout. (In other words, it’s not in your best interests to just copy it out to the web as is.) The material should not be used for venues where you are required to hold the copyright (such as media outlets).  

Is the Library a good fit for me and my clients?

Materials found here are crafted exclusively for fee-only, Registered Investment Advisor firm advisers who embrace an evidence-based investment strategy. They are most applicable for advisers who typically use Dimensional Fund Advisors funds or similar efficiently structured, low-cost solutions for the core of their portfolios.

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Cost: $325 USD/year

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