You, Your Investments, and the Coronavirus (UPDATED)  

Created: February 24, 2020

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Description: UPDATED 2/24: Use this 677-word client reach-out to remind your clients why they should avoid reacting to breaking news about novel coronavirus, at least as far as their investment portfolio is concerned. With minor modifications, the piece can also be used for general/prospecting purposes.

Three Upside-Down Investment Insights  

Created: January 21, 2020

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Description: Share this 732-word piece with clients and/or prospects to cover three important, but counterintuitive investment insights: (1) market volatility is the norm, not the exception; (2) market volatility is a "frenemy" to investors; and (3) effective diversification means you'll always be holding some disappointing asset classes.

Quarterly Client Letter — 2019 Q4  

Created: January 2, 2020

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Description: Use this 540-word quarterly client letter to reflect on one- and 10-year retrospectives in the new year, including how and why to separate short-term reactions from long-term strategy.

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