Quarterly Client Letter — 2019 Q3  

Created: October 2, 2019

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Description: Use this 442-word quarterly client letter to remind clients to stay the course amidst breaking global news. It explores how reflexes in your brain can play tricks on your financial resolve.

The ABCs of Behavioral Biases (UPDATED)  

Created: September 18, 2019

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Description: UPDATED FROM AUG. 2017: This collection of materials includes: (1) a 5,800-word white paper, (2) the same materials broken into a seven-part drip series, and (3) an ALL-NEW PowerPoint presentation on "The ABCs of Behavioral Biases." From anchoring, to hindsight, to tracking-error regret, the series covers 17 of the most common financial behavioral biases that lead investors astray, in alphabetic order.

Quarterly Client Letter — 2019 Q2   Free Sample (Click on title to download)

Created: July 2, 2019

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Description: Use this 632-word quarterly client letter for Q2 2019 to describe Daniel Kahneman's research into decision-making "noise," and how it can be employed for improved investing.

Evidence-Based Investment Insights Series WHITE PAPER (UPDATED)  

Created: April 25, 2019

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Description: UPDATED FROM 2014: This 25-page white paper compiles the entire Evidence-Based Investment Insights series into a single document you can use to design your own company white paper. Share the paper as a printed handout or in PDF/booklet form with clients and prospects. Use it as a give-away to collect e-mails on your website or for other similar purposes. A set of 14 individual installments for "dripping" the series, and an 8-page report version of this same material also are available for separate download.

Evidence-Based Investment Insights Series REPORT (UPDATED)  

Created: April 25, 2019

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Description: UPDATED FROM 2014: This 8-page report strikes a happy medium between the full, 25-page white paper and the individual installments available in the Evidence-Based Investment Insights series. Compiling key messages from the entire series, this report offers a mid-length, single document overview of evidence-based investing. Share the paper as a printed handout or in PDF form with clients and prospects. Use it as a give-away to collect e-mails on your website or for other similar purposes.

Evidence-Based Investment Insights Series — 14 Parts (UPDATED)  

Created: April 25, 2019

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Description: UPDATED FROM 2014: This is a series of 14 short pieces for explaining evidence-based investment principles in a step-by-step approach. Use the series for drip marketing via e-newsletter, e-mails, mailings or as video script to introduce your investment approach to prospective clients or to review key benefits with existing clients. Collection will download as a zip file containing 14 Word documents. A compiled, 25-page white paper and 8-page report also are available for separate download.

2018 Year-End Market Volatility Client Reach-Out  

Created: December 6, 2018

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Description: Use this 2018 year-end client reach-out to help clients ride out current market volatility. The document contains two versions: (1) a 580-word extended reach-out that includes references to Hans Rosling's new book "Factfulness," and (2) an abbreviated, 330-word reach-out that omits the reference to Rosling's book.

Five Financial Adages for Thriving in Volatile Markets  

Created: November 19, 2018

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Description: This big, meaty, 2,000-word report takes a close look at why so many investors fail to adhere to five widely accepted financial adages (e.g., "buy low, sell high"), ESPECIALLY DURING VOLATILE/DOWN MARKETS. Use this report with clients or prospects -- either as-is, or as a drip communication or video series, sharing one adage at a time, over time.

Quarterly Client Letter — 2018 Q3  

Created: October 1, 2018

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Description: This 530-word quarterly client letter offers three reasons investors should avoid the temptation to engage in market-timing by abandoning their existing plans and investments out of concern that the market may be "overpriced" and headed for a fall.

Quarterly Client Letter — 2018 Q2  

Created: July 3, 2018

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Description: This 400-word quarterly client letter reflects on the mixed bag of scary and enticing market news from the quarter, encouraging clients to stay on course with their well-built portfolio to maintain the highest odds of achieving their personal goals.

Quarterly Client Letter — 2018 Q1  

Created: April 2, 2018

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Description: This 500-word quarterly client letter reflects on the recent uptick in market volatility, encouraging clients to be in touch with you if they need a "pep talk," a shift in their investment plans, or both.

10 Things To Do Right Now While Markets Are (Not Really) Tanking  

Created: March 21, 2018

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Description: Use this 1,250-word handout with clients or prospects, to serve as a "safety drill" during calm markets, to help them prepare for staying the course during market downturns. The piece offers 10 judicious actions to take during bear markets, along with 10 insightful quotes from respected subject matter experts. You also can encourage readers to revisit the piece (or use it with a brief intro) the next time markets actually are tanking.

Misperceptions About Market Corrections: Are You Prepared?  

Created: June 4, 2017

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Description: This 750-word document can be used in letter, email, article or video script format to help clients and prospects prepare for any future market corrections following the current long stint of relative calm. It encourages readers to ensure their portfolio meets their long-term goals and risk tolerances. Choose from two calls to action at the end, depending on whether you're sharing it with clients or prospects.

Our Mixed Up, Messed Up Relationship with Investment Risk  

Created: May 11, 2016

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Description: As we swing into another summer of global events (such as the Cdn. Fort McMurray wildfire, UK Brexit and US elections), this article presents ways that investors tend to overestimate, underestimate, misunderstand and mistreat investment risks (both return-generating market risks as well as avoidable concentrated ones). Use this 1,000-word piece to explain investment risks to prospects and clients alike. Break each section into a series for video scripts or other uses.

January Q4 2015 Client Letter (Peek-a-Boo Markets)  

Created: January 4, 2016

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Description: This 420-word year-end client letter observes that 2015 markets were like a game of peek-a-boo with respect to global returns. It reminds clients how "recency" can trick them into making the wrong moves at the wrong time, and why it's important to stay invested in their personalized, evidence-based, globally diversified portfolio.

Advice That Adds Up During Down Markets  

Created: October 14, 2015

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Description: Here is a 700-word piece you can use to remain in touch with clients who may still be nervous after receiving their third-quarter report during the current down market. It encourages them to stay the course with their carefully planned portfolio, already designed to endure market risks. It reminds them why this is your advice, and how an objective third-party can help them overcome their instinctive reactions to down markets. Use as follow up to your clients' third quarter reports or to reach out to clients or prospects in general. It could also serve as good narrative for a video.

October Q3 2015 Client Letter (Google Hits vs. Long-Term Investing)  

Created: October 3, 2015

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Description: This 470-word article looks at how popular Google results, similar to other forms of headline news, may distract investors from their long-term strategy. It provides salient recent quotes on the importance of remaining disciplined during market uncertainty.

Three Key Investment Strategies Hidden in Plain Sight: #1 – Being There  

Created: July 26, 2015

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Description: This 800-word piece represents part one of a series covering three essential evidence-based investment strategies: market participation ("being there"), managing market risk (diversification) and controlling costs. It also emphasizes the benefits of having an evidence-based advisor to assist. Use the series for drip marketing via e-newsletter, e-mails, mailings or as video script for prospective or existing clients.

Avoiding Tracking-Error Regret  

Created: August 13, 2013

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Description: This 630-word article defines tracking-error regret in approachable terms, and describes that one of your key roles as an advisor is to help your clients recognize and avoid succumbing to it. It defines tracking-error regret that occurs when an investor’s carefully designed portfolio underperforms its common benchmark. It offers a different (better) way to measure financial success — by focusing on personal goals and constructing the portfolio accordingly. It also offers a handy table that summarizes the key tenets of disciplined investing.

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