Protecting What’s Yours (After You Pass) Part 1  

Created: April 29, 2021

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Description: Share this two-part piece on estate planning basics with clients and prospects. Part 1 is 464 words, and reminds readers how important it is to have a basic will or trust. Part 2 (coming soon) will offer step-by-step guidance on creating and maintaining an effective estate plan. Both pieces pair well with a 2019 Library piece, "Protecting What's Yours (While You're Alive)."

Understanding The 2021 Recovery Rebate Stimulus Payments  

Created: March 12, 2021

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Description: An 864-word overview summarizing how the newly passed American Recovery Act of 2021 Recovery Rebate Stimulus Payments work: Who will receive them, how much they can expect to receive (if anything), and the three ways they may qualify for full or partial payments based on their 2019, 2020, and/or 2021 AGI.

16 Things You Can Do To Prepare for the Next Recession  

Created: October 18, 2019

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Description: 16 things investors can do to truly strengthen their financial well-being, instead of engaging in market-timing in reaction to a potential recession. Share this 783-word overview with clients and prospects.

FAFSA Application Advice for College-Bound Kids  

Created: September 6, 2019

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Description: This 482-word message alerts parents and their college-bound children that there's no time to waste when submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application as soon as October 1 arrives. It describes how FAFSA works, and why time is of the essence.

Protecting What’s Yours (While You’re Alive)  

Created: July 25, 2019

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Description: Use this 1,300-word article in its entirety or broken into three parts to cover three tools an individual can employ to protect their health and wealth care interests while they are alive: (1) the financial power of attorney, (2) the trusted contact, and (3) the healthcare advance directive (including a living will and healthcare power of attorney). Includes a summary, when each applies, common scenarios and additional tips for each.

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