A Few Endorsements

Here’s what others have to say about Wendy J. Cook Communications …

Adam Birenbaum, Buckingham Wealth Partners

“Wendy is one of those rare individuals who combine professional writing and editing expertise with a fun and easy working relationship. She listens first, and then helps you express yourself better than you ever realized you could. I recommend her enthusiastically for your corporate communications.”

Larry E. Swedroe Buckingham Strategic Wealth

“I am an author of non-fiction books that describe our recommended passive investment approach in a clear and entertaining manner … Throughout my writing career, Wendy has served as a constant, trusted ally. My own efforts have been enhanced by her editing support; creative input; attention to accuracy and detail; and assistance in helping me promote my work and expand its reader base.”

Manisha Thakor, MoneyZen

“Wendy Cook is an absolute delight to work with.  She assisted me with the copy for my website and marketing collateral and did a bang up job. She really took the time to understand my business and the result was sharp and savvy copy.  Wendy has a deep knowledge base in passive investing, does what she says she will when she says she will, and is just a joy of a person to boot. Highly recommend!

Matt Hall, Hill Investment Group

“We believe clear communication is an important element of business success. That’s why we hire Wendy Cook. Wendy has the perfect combination of wit, intelligence, attention to detail and business experience. Wendy has helped write/edit several books, hundreds of articles, magazine columns, and newsletters. Most important to us is that Wendy ‘gets us.’ We waste little time and get better results because she really understands where we are going.”

Robin Powell, Editor, the Evidence-Based Investor

“Like myself, the challenge that Wendy faces is to market an idea – namely evidence-based investing – that to most people is both dull and complicated. But she does it extremely well. She’s an excellent writer and has a thorough understanding of the industry and a wide range of contacts. If you’re a financial advisor who advocates a low-cost, long-term and widely diversified approach to investing, Wendy is the obvious choice for handling your communications.”

Michael J. Evans, Cogent Strategic Wealth

“WOW! We are so amazed at what we have accomplished in the last few weeks partnering with Wendy. The revised collateral material Wendy produced is excellent. She guided us in hitting upon all the important aspects of what Cogent Strategic Wealth has to offer. Wendy knew the space we operate in so well. She applied her knowledge and experience to effectively communicate our message. Our revised marketing materials are going to be SOOO powerful thanks to Wendy.”

Monica Jennings, Jennings Financial Planning

“Wendy is an outstanding consultant.  From her thoughtful discovery process through each stage of our work together, she is proactive, perceptive and a valuable advocate and advisor. The only problem with Wendy is that she makes herself almost indispensable.”

Mark Rioboli, Modera Wealth Management

“Wendy is a great writer! As you will see from this recommendation, I am not a great writer and she didn’t help me with this recommendation :). Wendy has an amazing ability to talk to me about a topic for several minutes and then distill the whole conversation down to 3 succinct sentences. I recently worked with Wendy on a white paper that took months to complete. We continue to get praise about the paper from our clients. Wendy does a great job and our business is better because of her work.”

Anthony Farella, Rockbridge Investment Management

“Wendy has been a great asset in writing compelling content for our website.  She takes the time to learn about the unique properties of our firm and then writes in ‘our voice.’  She has saved us countless hours agonizing over the writing process. Highly recommended!”

Haden Werhan, CPA/PFS, Thomas Doll

“I have truly enjoyed Wendy’s help with several articles I have had the opportunity to write.  I have only recently been exposed to writing and would be lost without Wendy.  Her writing & editing skills plus her depth of knowledge in finance make her a perfect resource for me as a CPA/Wealth Strategist.”

Brian Puckett, Align Wealth Management

“Wendy has been a pleasure to work with.  She is very knowledgeable and contributes significantly to our client messaging efforts.  Her writing and editing skills are first rate.  On top of that she is a self-starter and is very creative.   Wendy is always on time, always does what she says she’s going to do, and always finishes what she starts. I wholeheartedly recommend Wendy Cook.”


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