Evidence-Based Advisors: Here’s to Our “Do Unto Others” Community

A Wendy’s Wednesday Whimsy

As we mad-dash toward another new year, it’s a good time to reflect on fitting friends, old and new.

Take Joe Goldberg, for example, who I met when we both worked at BAM Advisor Services. I went independent back in 2009, while he remained on board as director of retirement plan services until earlier this year. Like me, Joe became his own boss … with a much wider break from past job descriptions. Joe is now in charge of trimming bodies instead of 401(k) accounts at his new fitness studio, TruFusion St. Louis.

I could not be happier for Joe; even back in the day, health & fitness were core to him, as he cajoled BAM conference attendees to get up in the wee hours of the morning to join him for a morning spin. The more sweat, the wider his grin got.

One thing we both took from our years at BAM was a deep appreciation for the “do unto others” mindset you get when you combine dedicated fiduciary advice with rational evidence-based investing. Pair the two together, and you inherently end up with a powerful perspective you can’t ever fully legislate or regulate into being – and that we may too often take for granted.

I realized that when Joe recently posted as follows on Facebook:

Isn’t that just such an “evidence-based advisor” thing to say?

I always feel the same way when colleagues in my communications community succeed in their own endeavors. To illustrate, here are a couple of recent evidence-based investing communication initiatives that I had absolutely nothing to do with, but that I’m delighted to share and promote:

  1. Regis Media’s new documentary: “Investing: The Evidence,” was produced in collaboration with RockWealth, LLP.  Like what you see? Regis founder Robin Powell is producing tailored versions of the same for a limited number of U.K. advisors, and is expecting to create a comparable U.S. version in 2018. Contact him to learn more.
  2. Susan Weiner’s highly regarded “How To Write Blog Posts People Will Read” class will be back in session this February, offering an excellent approach to DIY your own blogs.

So … Go Robin! Go Susan! Go Joe! (And, yes, I did do my core work this morning; I promise.)