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Free Samples from the WJCC Content-Sharing Library

Whether or not you subscribe to the Content-Sharing Library ($299/year for full access), you can download and incorporate these free samples into your communications, per the Library’s terms and conditions.


An Evidence-Based Investing Infographic Poster

You know evidence-based investing can dramatically improve investors’ expected outcomes. But it can be hard to convince your clients and prospects of that, especially when the markets are acting up. This clear infographic (with your branding added) will help you explain why you do, what you do, with a simple comparison between evidence-based and traditional active investing. Best of all, custom-branded print-ready artwork is available to you for FREE, compliments of me and Mineral Interactive.

Why Even I (Especially I) Need a Financial Advisor

Use this non-branded PDF reprint of an article from our blog to help your clients and prospects understand the value you add as their adviser. (Consult with your compliance team on proper use.)