Free Stuff, from Me to You

You know those “free offers” we get deluged with daily? My common refrain for 99% of them is:
Just because something is free doesn’t mean it’s worth the price.

That said, I’d like to think that my free stuff is the 1% exception – worth every penny and more.

Several of you who read last week’s Whimsy, figured out that you could retweet or share my post among your social media connections, and come as close to a (probably) compliant investor testimonial as a Registered Investment Advisor firm can ever hope to get.

www-web_optimizedYou can still do that if you haven’t yet.

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Plus, I’ll do you one better. For this week’s Whimsy, I’m pleased to share a newly created, non-branded PDF handout based on last week’s post, for you to reprint and share with your peeps. Visit my website’s new Free Stuff page, and you’ll be able to download a copy from there.

There is one catch. I’ll ask you to subscribe to my e-newsletter to complete the download. That way, when I offer more worthy free stuff in the future, you’ll be sure to hear about it.

That’s it. Otherwise, it’s free, $0.00, nada. (If you’re already subscribed to my e-newsletter, go ahead and fill out the sign-up form anyway to proceed to the free download; don’t worry, you will not end up receiving duplicate e-mails.)

Oh, and one relatively non-whimsical but critical caveat: Please consult with your compliance team on proper use for your firm.