The LinkedIn Company You Keep — or Lose

A Wendy’s Wednesday Whimsy

Have you established a LinkedIn profile? If not, for crying out loud, get ’er done (although that’s the subject for another Wednesday Whimsy). If you do have one, that’s fantastic, but I’ve stumbled across something worth double checking, to ensure that your LinkedIn profile isn’t inadvertently steering visitors to the wrong address.

Every so often, when I click on an advisor’s company name, and then click on the website address on the resulting page, I end up being taken to a site that may bear the firm’s name but be a different – wrong – address. You probably don’t need a Communications professional like me to tell you why that’s unfortunate, especially if that firm happens to be a similarly named competitor of yours. I’ve seen that happen.

So here’s how to double check your address in a few, easy clicks, using screen grabs from my own profile so you can follow along (and feel free to connect with me while you’re at it). To paraphrase Dr. Emmett Brown from “Back to the Future” (one of my faves), “Please excuse the crudity of these models. I didn’t have time to build them to scale or paint them.”

Step 1: From your LinkedIn home page, select Profile > Edit Profile



Step 2: Next, temporarily change how your profile displays. To accomplish this, click on the blue button that says “View profile as.” All the normal editing tools will disappear, and you’ll be seeing yourself as others see you. (That’s a nifty trick in itself. Too bad we don’t have a option like that in real life, huh?)



Step 3: Scroll down to your “Experience” section and click on the company name that appears just under your job title for your current business(es).




Step 4: From the resulting company page, click on your website address and make sure it actually points to your website. Even if the display of the address is correct, click on it anyway to make sure it actually goes to where it’s supposed to. I’ve found these links “work” far more often than not. But every so often, I’ve seen them point to some odd site that could send a would-be prospect somewhere wonky indeed.




If the link isn’t what you intended, it’s time to go back into edit mode and fix it. An ounce of prevention as this week’s Wednesday Whimsy!