Garbage In, Food for Thought Out

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In a monumental “Do as I say, not as I do,” I confess: I’ve been an underwhelming blog mentor lately. In one-on-one conversations, I regularly remind advisers how important it is to maintain a blog and spread the word about it through social media. In all kinds of big ways, this helps build relationships between you and your would-be and existing clients and alliances.

But I’ve been remiss lately in following my own advice. Maybe that’s a good thing. It shows that even I, a professional writer, could use a professional writer to help me translate my best intentions into communication action.

Be it resolved, effective immediately, rather than aiming for perfectly targeted posts every time, I’m going to begin engaging with my target audience (the fee-only, evidence-based adviser community) with rapidly fired observations that I believe will be of interest. Call it: Garbage in, rich compost out – inspired fodder for garden-fresh idea growth.

This week, I’d like to comment on a couple of relatively new (free!) social media venues in which you may want to begin planting some communication seeds. I’m not suggesting these become your sole platforms, but especially if you’re blogging anyway, you might as well spread the content around. In these newer, less crowded spaces, your important messages about how to build sane wealth in our crazy world may reach untapped audiences. Think future generations.

LinkedIn Pulse Posts

> Go to your LinkedIn profile. (Hey, while you’re there, send me a Connection request!)

> Click on “Publish a Post.”

> Add an image. (Let’s face it, we all are attracted to bright, shiny objects.)

> Paste in a copy of your blog or other share-worthy ideas.

Boom, done. Your connections will see your post as a little red flag toward the top of their profile in what is, so far, not a terribly crowded forum.

Medium Posts (

Here, the future is wide open and ripe for expanding the outreach for your wise advice. I signed up for Medium recently to see how it works and have begun receiving a handful of daily snippets in my inbox, sharing other posts I may find of interest, with surprisingly on-target and well-written tidbits of news. In other words, even if you’re not ready to post to Medium yourself, you may find some excellent life- and business-enhancing ideas out there to add a spring to your status-quo step.

So, in honor of spring, dive on in. The water is fine.