Tech Friends Indeed for My Advisor Friends’ Needs

www-web_optimizedWhile writing, editing and otherwise putting together solid sentences is a timeless talent, effectively delivering your messages to the audiences you have in mind requires some serious tech power these days. As I focus on helping investment advisors with what they have to say to the world, I receive plenty of queries about how they can best spread the good word.

“Do you know someone who can help us with …”

  1. Building (or updating) our website?
  2. Sustaining our social media and related activities?

Here are a couple of resources I’ve found helpful: Twenty Over Ten and Mineral Interactive.

Website Builds: Twenty Over Ten (

There certainly is no dearth of website development and hosting services these days. If anything, the sheer volume of choices makes it harder to find the right choice for you.

Let’s simplify that. I’ve been having good luck lately working alongside the folks at Twenty Over Ten. Their service is tailored for financial advisors. They’ve been featured in reputable forums such as Michael Kitces’ Nerds’ Eye View and Bill Winterberg’s FPPad. They seem to strike a good balance between offering contemporary, mobile-friendly sites and providing them at a fair price. My own interactions with them (at least so far) have been happy ones.

Social Media (and Related) Support: Mineral Interactive (

Mineral Interactive is another relatively recent find, which I find promising. There are a number of seasoned advisor-centric services aimed at advising you on how to conduct your social media and related broadcast communications. But I’ve found it much harder to find a service that will roll up its sleeves and do some of the actual, ongoing work alongside you.

That’s how Mineral Interactive is positioned to serve. The firm was founded about a year ago by Jud Mackrill, who cut his teeth as a design director at Orion Advisor Services. I believe that several of his team members come from Orion as well.

When I spoke with the team at Mineral a few weeks ago, they said they will be “in the trenches” with their advisor clients, since (let’s face it), you aren’t otherwise likely to complete your communication outreach on your own. They also favor evidence-based advisors as their ideal match. After all, who has a better message to deliver to investors than you do?

So …

Is your website or online engagement in need of an overhaul? Whose isn’t? Check out these two resources; they’re worth exploring.

Is your website or social media presence not yet in existence to begin with? Then why are you wasting your time reading this post? Follow these links and get it done.

Oh, and either way, let me know if I can help with the wording along the way.