A Hat-Tip to Stuart Zimmerman: “Every 100 Documents Count!”

Stuart Visits Us in Oregon - Oct. 2014
Stuart Visits Me in Oregon – Oct. 2014

Wendy’s Wednesday Whimsy:
“Every 100 Documents Count!”

Read on for a nifty Content-Sharing Library discount offer.

Back when I was director of communications at an energetic young financial firm, I was privileged to work alongside one of its co-founders, Stuart Zimmerman. Others at this relatively small start-up firm may have had it over Stuart on nitty-gritty number-crunching skills, but nobody could beat him on cheerleading optimism. His “the best is yet to come!” enthusiasm was a virulent contagion; few were immune.

Stuart started our “Good News Friday,” for example, where we swapped tales of good deeds that had happened that week, whether it was launching a major new service or helping a family finally get its portfolio on the right track.

One of my favorite “Stuart-isms” is: “Hey, every [number] counts!” At first, the number would be modest. By the time I left The BAM ALLIANCE toward the end of 2008, that number had increased exponentially. But it wasn’t about size. Every client and every dollar entrusted to us did indeed count. This is a lesson I learned from Stuart and the rest of my BAM compatriots – and brought to my own little business.

101 Documents

This is why I am delighted to celebrate last week’s publication of the 100th document in my Content-Sharing Library.

In fact, since I simultaneously posted a pair of documents about real estate investing, the count now stands at 101, just like those Dalmatians. And the number of available materials just keeps growing.

Stuart Flunks Retirement

Back to Stuart. You may be wondering what he’s up to these days. He “retired” from the BAM ALLIANCE last year. But in typical Stuart-style, he is failing miserably at the one thing it appears he cannot do: actually retire.

These days, he’s busy helping his son Jake Zimmerman run for Missouri’s Attorney General. (Go, Jake!) He’s even busier as Executive in Residence for the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis. There, he’s coming up with innovative ways to join the practical and academic aspects of wealth management by co-developing programs such as this upcoming August 16–17 Wealth and Asset Management Research Conference. Oh, he’s also founded Audubon Associates, LLC in his spare time.

Hey, every career counts.