Breaking News: Your Blogging Life Just Got Easier

You know it’s good for you and your community: blogging. Especially if it’s good stuff, accessible and informative, without sucking away too much of your client-service face time.

What would you say to a new service to help you achieve just that? Consider it done!

It all started when husband/wife team Jud and Kim Mackrill of Mineral reached out to me recently with an intriguing idea. Here’s the overview:

WJCC Content-Sharing Library + Mineral Content Package =
POWER Blogging for Evidence-Based Advisors

Mineral’s Mission:

As the site says, “Mineral is a company where people care about helping advisors communicate well.” Jud hearkens from the fintech world of Orion Advisor Services, while Kim’s background is as a marketing maven and creative type. A career match made in heaven for this aim.

My Mission:

As Wendy J. Cook Communications (WJCC), I’ve been offering writing, editing and related services for evidence-based advisors since 2007, including a Content-Sharing Library of 100+ (and growing) communications written exclusively for you.

What If … ?

What if Mineral and I were to join forces to serve evidence-based advisors in an innovative team play while remaining independent enterprises?

A Content Package Is Born

I recommend visiting the freshly launched Mineral Content Package page to appreciate the full scope of what we’ve got in mind for you. But to summarize, the service includes ALL of the following:

  • A subscription to the WJCC Content-Sharing Library (terms and conditions here).
  • A strategy call with Mineral’s team so they can get to know your firm’s specific needs.
  • Mineral’s monthly package, overflowing with goods and services, including:
    1. One or two blog posts, based on the Content-Sharing Library content of your choice, customized for you by Mineral
    2. Matching, pre-written social media posts for you to effectively spread the word
    3. A bounty of SEO-friendly tools such as keywords, images and more

The Price Is Right

You wouldn’t be much of a financial professional if you weren’t wondering about the price by now.

  • One blog post per month (plus all of the above): $595/month
  • Two blog posts per month (plus ditto): $985/month

More than you had in mind? You can still subscribe to the Content-Sharing Library à la carte for $325/year. You’ll still get access to everything there, plus everything I add while you’re a member. But, if you want to use the material for blogging, you’ll then need to customize it, socialize it and SEO-ize it on your own. (As I always have, I discourage using the content “as is” for blogs, where too much duplication can do you more harm than good.)

These Blogs Are For You

So … if you’re ready to kick up your personalized blogging, effectively spread the word to those you want to reach, and amp up your SEO rankings while you’re at it … why not partner up with me and Mineral while the year is still young?